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Learn Bathtub Installation

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In this video, you'll learn bathtub installation.

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Installing a bath for the first time? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through everything you need to know to install a bath.


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In this video we are going to learn how to install a bath

There are several kinds of bath but the installation is usually always done in the same way. In addition to your toolkit, you will need, a wooden rafter, a saw, wall anchors and screws adapted to your wall

We will begin by installing the bath feet. There are normally four or five depending on the model of bath

Unwrap your bath tub and turn it over

Then attach the adjustable bath feet, screwing them directly onto the bath. Tighten the screws with the aid of a spanner

To determine height of the feet, check the product packaging concerning the drainage system which will indicate the the minimum height at which your bath can sit, to comfortably fit the plug and drainage system

Begin with the middle bath foot and use a spirit level to ensure that the other feet are set at the same height

When all your feet are correctly positioned, you will be able to install the drainage system

Fit the joint with its rubber seal into the pre-positioned PVC ring. Place the bath on its side and make any adjustments to the joint. Screw in the metallic part of the drainage system. It is recommended to seal the joint with silicon sealant to be certain that it is watertight. Screw in the joint and tighten the metal ring

Install the overflow in its corresponding hole which can be found on the side of the bath, and screw into place by hand on either side of the tub. Return the bath to an upside down position.

Then connect the pipe leading to the joint with the elbow pipe. Don't forget the watertight seal. Tighten the fixing rings by hand. Then fix the drain in the same direction as the waste outlet pipe. Your bath tub kit will usually come with a length of pipe which you can cut to size according to the length of your waste outlet pipe.

We will now position the bath

Place it against the wall and, if necessary, adjust its height using the bath feet

Use a spirit level to ensure that the bath sits level

Trace the edges of the bath in contact with the wall onto the wall

Once you have made your marks you can remove the bath

Just beneath the bottom mark, fix a wooden rafter to the wall. Cut the rafter down to the same size as the length of your bath. To fix the rafter to the wall, use wall anchors for support. Begin by fixing the first wall anchor into the middle of the rafter.

Repeat for the wall or walls with which your bath comes into contact following the configuration of your installation

Put the bath back in place so that is it now supported by the wooden rafters

You will now connect the drain to the waste outlet pipe

Next we can move on to the finishing touches: insert the valve for opening and closing the plug at the level of the overflow

then position the plug in place and test that it opens and closes properly. using the screw, you can adjust its height according to your preference

You bath is now installed


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