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How to Install a Glass Shower Door

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Easily add a glass shower door to your shower with our free video tutorial

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Installing a bathroom for the first time? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through everything you need to know to install a glass shower door in your bathroom.


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In this video you'll learn how to install a glass shower door.

More attractice than a shower curtain, the shower door is ideal way of ensuring your shower cabin is more waterproof

To do this you'll need: a glass shower door, a spirit level, a pencil, a drill/driver, wall anchors, wall anchor setting tool, a caulking gun, silicon sealant, and screw cap covers

Installing a glass shower door requires 3 steps which will be explained here.

Step 1: Remove the shower curtain.

Push on the bar on which the shower curtain is hanging and remove it.

Step 2: Preparing the installation.

Place the frame of the shower door as a mock-up

adjust the U-channel to fit the walls. it is adjustable

With the spirit level check that the frame is leveled vertically .

Repeat the process on the other side.

Mark the points for the wall anchors with a pencil.

If the pencil cannot write on the tiles, lay a strip of adhesive tape on the points at which you need to drill instead

Lay a strip of adhesive tape on the points you will place the wall anchors

pick a drill bit adapted to the surface you are going to drill.

With the drill/driver, drill through the adhesive tape to make sure that the tiles do not break

Drill through the strip of adhesive tape to protect the tiles

Once the holes are drilled, remove the adhesive tape. With the anchor setting tool, open the anchors you will have placed in the wall.

Step 3: Installing the door

With the caulking gun, apply a silicon seal along the entire length of th U-channel. Place the U-channel and insert the fixing screws

Screw with the drill/driver

Apply the silicon seal on the other U-channel.

Adjust the shower door frame position using the two U-channels.


Put the screw cap covers in place, they prevent water from getting into the fixing holes and therefore protect the door against rust.

Then, lay a silicon seal on the shower tray, and place the frame down on top of it.

Put the glass door in the frame

Dip your finger in soapy water and smooth the silicon joints with it

Finish by applying sealant around the frame and smoothing it.

Wait 24 hours before using the shower, - the time the silicon needs to dry.

Wait 24 hours

You now know how to install a glass shower door


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