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How to Install Interior French Doors

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In this video, you'll learn how to install interior french doors.

Interior glass doors will make your home look nicer!

Looking to install interior French doors? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through everything you need to know to install glass panels on an internal door.


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In this video we'll learn how to install glass panels on an internal door

A door with glass panels in a kitchen, a dining room or a living room brightens up the room and gives it a warmer atmosphere.

To do this you'll need a glazier's hammer, glazier nails, protective gloves, trestles and wood glue.

To do this we'll show you 2 different methods

Step 1: Placing the glass panels

Unhinge the door and place it on the trestles. Take the glass panels and place them gently in the center of their frames

Step 2: Fixing the pre-moulded glass panel casing.

Method 1: Fixing the glass panels with glazier, or lost-head nails.

Put the glass panels directly on the rebate. Proceed carefully, then place the pre moulded decorative glass panel casing . With the glazier nails and hammer, start nailing delicately. It is best to plant a nail every 10cm.

Method 2: Fixing with wood-glue.

Apply the glue directly on the decorative pre moulded glass panel casing, be careful not to use too much, place the pre moulded casing upon the pane of glass. Keep going until all the pre moulded casing have been glued, remove any excess glue.

Choose thick and resistant glass panels, between 3 and 5mm thick.

Choose a 3 to 5mm thick glass panels

You now know how to install a glass panels on an internal door


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