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Furniture Repair: Patching up a Torn-Off Piece of Wood

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In this video, you'll learn quick and simple ways to repair cracked, chipped or broken pieces of wood.

This way your furnitures will look better!


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In this video, we are going to learn how to repair a piece of furniture by patching up a chipped piece of wood, in the most solid and least visible way.

This is a quick and easy operation that will allow you to efficiently cover up the damage and save you from replacing the furniture.

For this job, you will need: a box cutter, a paintbrush, wood glue, wood putty with a hardener, medium-grit sandpaper and a scraping knife.

There are three steps required for completing this task and we will describe all of them in detail to you.

STEP 1: Reassembling the piece of furniture

Before gluing the piece or pieces back together, ensure that you can reassemble them. Reassemble the pieces without glue as a mock-up test. If need be, use a Stanley knife to shave back the piece or pieces to be re-glued.

Tip: You can use transparent adhesive tape to reassemble the wood if there are many pieces:

STEP 2: Gluing the wooden pieces

Smear wood glue over both surfaces and use a paintbrush to spread it out evenly. Glue the pieces, push them together and remove the excess glue.

Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Once it is dry, the glue will become transparent.

STEP 3: Filling in the cracks

The last step consists of filling in the cracks, so as to cover up any imperfections left.

Mix a drop of the hardener into the putty, then apply the mixture to the scraping knife, small bits at a time.

After waiting about ten minutes for it to dry, sand the putty back using the sandpaper.

Now you know how to repair wood and the surface is ready for all painting work.


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