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How to Use an Angle Grinder

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Learn how to use an angle grinder safely and effectively

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Using an angle grinder for the first time? Help is at hand! This video is designed to teach you everything you need to know to use an angle grinder in your DIY projects. Remember to respect the safety precautions!


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In this video, you will learn how to use an angle grinder.

If you have to cut or deburr any kind of material, the angle grinder is the tool you need

The angle grinder can be very dangerous if used improperly, it is imperative that you respect the safety instructions when using it.

Follow the safety instructions

For this work you will need, an angle grinder, gloves, protective glasses, a helmet, work overalls and a workbench.

We will teach you how to use the angle grinder in 5 detailed steps

Step 1: Assembling the angle grinder

Make sure the device is unplugged

For small construction jobs, use a lightweight and easy-to-handle 125mm angle grinder,

Screw the handle until it locks into place.

place the wheel flange, it's marked by a groove that fits onto the motor shaft.

Choose a grinding wheel adapted to the material you are going to grind.

The first wheel is used to cut floor tiles, it's thin. The second wheel is multipurpose, it can cut through concrete, bricks, breezeblocks, and tar. The third wheel is designed for materials that need a quick and segmented cut. The fourth wheel is used for deburring, filing and finishing metal materials only. The last wheel is used to cut through metal, it is very thin.

Place the wheel, so that the side with the information printed on it is facing upwards.. We will start by using the metal-cutting wheel. Lock the angle grinder with the wheel flange and the locking nut. Be careful: not all angle grinders are equipped with self-locking nuts, in which case lock the nut with a spanner, like this.

Then, turn the angle grinder, block the motor shaft.

and place the wheel guard.

lift the latch

place the wheel guard in order to be protected from any projectiles flying off the surface you are working on

Step 2: Protection

Wear thick gloves, protective glasses, a mask and a helmet and a working overall. Clear the room of any flammable products or electric cables. Settle on a workbench and use a vice to tightly secure the material on which you are going to work

Step 3: Use the angle grinder

Plug the angle grinder.

Hold it firmly, and let the wheel spin for 30s

Starting cutting slowly, with a slow back and forth movement to dissipate the heat. Here we will cut through a breezeblock.

A constant pressure on the same area might heat up and damage the disc.

Once a wheel has been worn out, change it

Once the cut is done, wait for the wheel to stop spinning before setting the tool down

unplug the device

Step 4: Use the angle grinder to cut floor tiles

Follow the same safety instructions for preparing and plugging in the angle grinder. The wheel adapted to unsegmented floor tiles allows you to make easy, precise and fast cuts. contrary to an electric tile cuting saw

trace a line first, then start cutting.

Here, we'll cut out a notch at the corner on the tile

Step 5: Cut and Deburr Metals

place and tighten the piece of metal you are going to work on to the workbench vice. Start cutting, turn the metal piece over, and cut again. There will be burrs remaing, and they need to be deburred. To this end, use a thick grinding wheel, once it is attached, replace the wheel guard.

You now know how to use an angle grinder


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