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How to Lay Wood Flooring

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Learn how to lay wooden flooring with this simple demonstration

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Laying a floor for the first time? Help is at hand! This video is specially designed to take you through the process of installing wooden flooring for yourself.


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In this video we are going to learn how to lay wooden or laminate flooring.

Easy to lay, light, durable are the numerous advantages of this extremely resistant flooring.

In order to lay your wooden flooring you will need the following materials:

Enough parquet floorboards for the area you are looking to cover. durable underlay. adhesive tape. skirting boards.

You will also need the following tools:

A measuring tape, a pencil, a cutter, several 8mm spacer wedges, a pull bar, a jig-saw for cutting, sandpaper, sealant, a mitre box and a saw.

Also have knee-pads and gloves available.

Before applying the underlay, ensure that the ground is clean, smooth and flat.

We can now begin to apply the underlay.

The durable underlay strips must be laid perpendicularly to the floorboards. In general, the boards are laid lengthwise in relation to the entrance of the room.

Unroll the strips and cover the entire area. The underlay must be uniform and the strips should not overlap. Fit them to the corners using the cutter.

Use the adhesive tape in order to stick the strips together and in the corners of the room.

We can now start laying the floorboards.

Start by positioning the spacer wedges along the length of the wall. Lay the first board in the corner nearest to the door.

Make sure to lay the board with the dug side facing the wall in order to ensure that the next floorboards can slot in correctly.

Slot in the next board and then secure it to the ground. Each board must be well joined to the previous one.

When you reach the end of the row you will need to cut a board.

Overlap the final board onto the previous one and then turn it over. Draw a mark on the part which overlaps. Draw the line to cut along and then use the jig-saw in order to cut it.

The board will now insert perfectly.

For the second row you will need to start by cutting a floorboard in half.

Measure the strip, draw a line to cut along in the centre and saw it.

You will start your second row by laying half a board in the corner. When doing this the parquet will be laid in a quincunx pattern.

As before, slot the boards well and secure it to the ground by hitting them lightly

Throughout the whole laying process and after each cut make sure to check the alignment of the boards, If you see that there is a space between two floorboards make the necessary adjustments

To start the third row, lay a whole floorboard.

When it is too difficult to fit the final board of a row, use the pull bar as a lever with the wall.

When you reach the level of the door, stop and unhinge it. Draw a line across the midway point of the doorframe. This line will serve as a mark for the start of the floorboard rows.

For complex and precise cutting, particularly around the door, use a profile gauge.

Repeat the process for the rest of the room, remember to maintain the quincux pattern and to keep the floorboards aligned.

For the last row you will probably need two cut the boards in their length.

Once the floorboards have all been laid you can move on to laying the skirting.

First, Lay the skirting boards without cutting, in order to determine where they need to be cut.

Use a saw and a mitre box in order to cut them straight or at a specific angle.

Sand down the cut skirting boards with sandpaper or an abrasive sponge.

Once all the skirting boards are cut and laid remove the wedges.

Apply some glue on the skirting boards, stick them to the wall, you can glue it at a slight angle to hide the gap between the wall and the flooring.

Do this for all the skirting boards, you can wedge them with something heavy to ensure that they remain still whilst they dry.

Apply a finishing joint on top of the skirting and smooth it down with your finger.


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