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How to Set-up Your Closet

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In this video, you'll learn how to set-up your closet.

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New wardrobe? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through everything you need to know to assemble and set up you closet.


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In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to set-up your closet, or wardrobe

organising how your store your clothes in a closet will allow to you to be as efficient with your space as possible, keep your clothes in better condition, and save time when deciding which clothes to pick out

There are three essential elements to consider when arranging a well-organised, practical closet: the shelves for folded items, the rail on which you can hang clothes, and the drawers in which you can store bedding and other items

For the installation of this closet, you will need: a drill-driver, a hammer or mallet, a pencil, a tape measure, the relevant screws and wall plugs adapted to your wall, and brackets


This installation will comprise of 4 stages:

Step 1: Assembling the closet

Begin by assembling the body of the closet, starting with the largest shelf units which will create a space in which to store folded items


Set out your different screws and bits which you will need to assemble your unit

You will normally need to join the base of the unit to one of its side panels. With the assistance of a second person, fix the second panel with the relevant screws and bearings. Once these larger parts of the unit are fixed in place, insert the back of the unit into the second groove. Ease the backboard in with a gentle push.

Be careful: the back panel of the closet unit is very thin and is therefore very fragile, so only stand your unit upright once you have tightened your cam lock and nut, which will reinforce the unit's structure.

Take advantage of the fact that the unit is still on its side and secure the back board of the unit in place using right-angle mounting brackets or small tacks. Position the first screw 10cm from the edge and space your fastenings equal distances apart

Stand the unit upright and position it against the wall. This is a free-standing closet unit. It is nevertheless advised to fix it to the wall using screws and wall plugs adapted to your wall

Place two brackets in the top corner of the inside of your unit

Then drill through the unit and the wall to place the wall plugs, put the unit back into place and drive your screws through it, into the wall. For aesthetic purposes, you might want to add screw cap covers.

Repeat these steps for the other freestanding unit

Place the dowels inside the side panels and insert the shelves at the height you desire - depending on the amount of clothes you wish to store in each one, and how often your clothes are used

Step 2: Hanging Rail

The hanging rail is the best solution for storing clothes without creasing them

Tip: if you have two hanging rails, be sure to space them at least 1m10cm apart. This will maximise space but will mean that you won't be able to hang longer items of clothing

To install the hanging rail, make marks in the centre of the two innermost panels of each freestanding unit. Drill and screw in the supports for the rail here. Do the same for the other panel and repeat depending on how many hanging rails you wish to install.

If the length of your hanging rail is too long, you can always cut it down to size with a metal saw

Step 3: The drawers

The drawers will allow you to organise your bed linens in categories, and also give you space to store accessories such as belts, ties etc.

First, assemble the drawer unit according to the manufactuer's instructions. Screw the panels of the unit in place then fix the runners along the inside of the closet unit

To put the drawer in place, slide the runners completely out of the closet unit. Place the drawer on the runners and slide closed.

Finish by installing all your drawers in place, being sure to check that each one slides freely

You can even conceal your closet behind sliding doors or with a curtain, as we have done here.

Step 4: Installing the curtains

Drill and screw in the fixing component. Install the supports. Pass the curtain through the rail, then screw the rail securely in place on its supports to prevent the rail from falling.

You now know how to optimise your living space by setting up your closet!


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