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How to Use an Electric Drill

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Learn how to use an electric drill safely and effectively with this simply tutorial video guide

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Never used an electric drill before? Help is at hand! This video will show you how to master using an electric drill, an essential skill when undertaking DIY projects.


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How to Use an Electric Drill

In this video, you'll learn how to use an electric drill, it's a electric tool used to precisely drill holes in different materials such as wood, plasterboard, concrete or earthenware

It's most commonly used function is the "drill" function, where the drill is simply spins, and the "impact drill" where the drill not only spins but also makes a hammering motion whilst drilling meaning it has an 'impact force' as well as a rotational force. This function is used to pierce hard materials such as stone or concrete.

The drill is equipped with an electronic rotational speed switch and 2 mechanical settings

It is also equipped with a depth gauge which allows to set the drilling depth to a specific measurement

The electric drill comes with an adjustable and removable handle which grants a stronger and more stable grip when drilling

At the end of the drill there is a drill chuck, in which is inserted the drill bit.

Some drill chucks, like this one, are auto-locking , you just have to screw the chuck to lock the drillbit in place

Place a drill bit (or drill hammer) adapted to the surface you're going to drill in the chuck

Be careful to correctly position the drill bit in the middle of the drill chuck

In general we differenciate 3 differents types of drill bits, the wood drill bit which has a pointed end and sharp edges.

The metal drill bit ends in a more cone-shaped point.

And the stone drill bit which has a nearly entirely rounded tip

drill bits are distinguishable by their diameter, which is often indicated on the bit itself

We'll start by drilling wood

Before using the drill, wear protectives gloves goggles and ear protection.

Insert the wood drill bit, mark the spot you wish to drill.

Adjust the drill rotation speed by turning the dial clockwise

Place the drill bit on the mark, make sure the electric drill is positioned vertically and start drilling.

To drill metal it is best to set the drill to its highest speed.

If you are drilling ceramics, lay transparent adhesive tape on the place you are going to drill to avoid any shards flying off, proceed slowly and do not push the drill down too bruskly

To drill concrete, use the impact drill function at a high rotating speed.


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