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How to Remove Wallpaper with a Steamer

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Here you will learn how to use an electric steamer to remove wallpaper easily and quickly.

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Redecorating for the first time? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will show you everything you need to know to remove wallpaper using a steam wallpaper stripper, without damaging your walls.


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In this video, we will use an electric steam wallpaper stripper. This is a tool that will make your work easier, but one that should be used with caution.

Stripping wallpaper is not an arduous task. You just need to follow the method and abide by the safety measures, This tool is fairly simple to use.

It is quite an expensive device to buy, but it can also be rented.

It is made up of a water tank, which is filled up like this, and a steam plate which will be applied to the wallpaper.

Water is needed to remove the paper. Protect your floors, your skirting boards and especially your power outlets. Sockets and switches will need to be carefully covered with plastic sheeting and tape.

Turn off the electricity in the room.

You will need to wear protective gloves.

Plug in your wallpaper stripper. Tilt the plate towards a bucket of water as you wait for the water to boil.

Once the water is properly steaming, apply the steam plate to the paper and wait a few moments.

The paper and glue should now be soggy from the steam. With your other hand, peel back the strip of wallpaper with a spatula or a wall scraper, going from the top to the bottom.

Scrape off the glue with the spatula as you peel off the wallpaper.

Continue in the same way, working on one area at a time. Do not apply too much steam as this can damage the wall, especially if it is made of plaster.

For smaller pieces of wallpaper, moisten them with a damp sponge and scape them off by sliding the spatula between the paper and wall.

To finish, remove the plastic sheet and tape and dry the skirting boards with a dry cloth.

Leave the wall to dry for 48 hours.


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