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How to Build an Interior Window in a Partition Wall

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Add light to a room by installing a plexiglass window. Learn how in our simple tutorial

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This video will teach you how to create an interior window in a partition wall.

An interior window is a decorative way of maximising the amount of light and visibility between two rooms.

For this project, you will need a circular saw, a measuring tape, a pencil, wood glue, a rubber mallet, a spirit level, a saw, a driver-drill, drill bits and screws, masking tape, a surface scraper, a round brush for re-coating, a roller, a sander, and a screw driver. You’ll also need a sheet of Plexiglas, rafters, brackets, filler paste, and paint.

Be sure that you give yourself enough time for drying, cutting, and painting.

Before you start, you will need to cut out an opening in your wall. Please refer to our online tutorial, if you need to.

This tutorial is split into 4 stages

Stage 1

Start off by making a wooden frame, which will be used as a base. Make sure the wood you use is strong. In this case, we will use pine rafters.

Cut your vertical rafters to size, and test to ensure they fit into the opening. Then apply the glue and place them.

Measure the horizontal gap and cut the rafters to size. Apply the glue and insert, using a rubber mallet.

Use the brackets to hold the base in place while the glue dries. Ensure the frame is level using your spirit level.

Leave the brackets in place to support the frame. You will remove them later.

We now need to make a second frame, this time with brackets, to support the vertical brackets and the Plexiglas.

Place a bracket inside the first frame to get an accurate measurement. Make a mark with your pencil, and cut it to size.

Ensure the strip fits perfectly. Make a mark where each of the four screws will go.

Carefully drill the holes in, as the brackets are fragile. Use a conical reamer in all 4 holes to make sure that the finished product is nice and flat.

Place the bracket inside the frame. Screw all 4 screws in, one by one.

Repeat with the other horizontal bracket and the 2 vertical ones.

For the upper horizontal bracket, add the screws before placing the strip inside the frame.

Stage 2

Measure the frame, to be sure you cut the Plexiglas to fit.

Transfer the measurements onto the Plexiglas, and draw a diagonal line using a rafter.

Place a support on each side of the Plexiglas so that it doesn’t break as you are cutting it. If you don’t have any supports available, ask someone to hold it for you.

Cut the Plexiglas with a power jigsaw.

Cut slowly, as the Plexiglas may stick back together, given the heat of the jigsaw.

Remove the protective film along the edge on both sides.

Remove the 2 supports.

Place the Plexiglas against the frame to ensure that it fits.

Now we’ll make the same frame made of four brackets to support the other side of the Plexiglas. Measure the strips and cut them one by one.

Fit the four brackets into the frame, and remove the protective film.

Stage 3

To create the design of your window, cut vertical brackets.

Measure horizontally, and divide by 4. Place the 4 strips, allowing for an even amount of space between each one each one. Using your sprit level, ensure the vertical brackets are perpendicular to the frame.

To get a better idea of what your design will look like, use masking tape to hold the brackets.

Place 4 brackets onto the other side, ensuring their position matches the front perfectly.

Mark where each bracket will need to be drilled. Remove the front brackets before drilling.

Drill just until you reach the Plexiglas to make a mark. Remove the bracket and drill through the Plexiglas.

Number each wooden strip before painting them, as they will not necessarily all be the same size.

Use a conical reamer to make a notch for the head of the screw.

Stage 4

Paint all 8 brackets before screwing them onto the Plexiglas. This will allow you to pain the hidden side of the bracket. Paint the frame as well, protecting the Plexiglas with a strip of masking tape. Use two coats of paint, letting it dry between coats.

Use filler paste to fill the gap between the wall and the wooden frame.

Allow to dry,then sand down manually, then with a sander. Repeat if necessary.

The designed cleats will need to be secured using the pencil pointers.

Dust everything, and place masking tape so that you will be able to paint the frame the same colour as the wall. Paint the frame, using two coats if needed.

Remove the masking tape.

Place the decorative brackets, using your marks as a guide.

You now know how to create an interior window in a partition wall.


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