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How to Hang Fiberglass Cloth

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Discover how you can hang fiberglass cloth on your walls at home with minimum effort.

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Want to know more about applying fiberglass cloth? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video tutorial will show you how you can use woven glass fabric in your home decoration projects.


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In this video, we are going to teach you how to apply woven glass fabric,

Applying woven glass fabric is easy and an ideal way to hide the small imperfections in a wall.

To apply woven glass fabric, you will need: woven glass fabric, a paintbrush, plastic sheeting, special glass fabric glue. tape measure, a pencil, a spirit level, a smoothing tool and a box cutter

We will describe to you in detail the three stages necessary for applying the fabric.


Cover your floors with plastic sheeting.

Use a special ready-to-use woven glass fabric glue .

Measure the height of the wall.

Mark this measurement on the glass fabric, adding a 20 centimetre margin.


Using a large paintbrush, generously apply glue on the wall.

Start pasting the fabric from the ceiling, leaving a few extra centimetres on top.

Continue working downwards and make sure the strip remains vertical.

Remove any wrinkles and bubbles with the smoothing tool.

smooth down the edges.

Use the box cutter to cut off the fabric excess from top to bottom, with the help of the smoothing tool.

Repeat the process for the next strips. Place them edge to edge.


To finish up. attach the last strip to the pre-glued wall.

Using the spirit level, check that the edge is vertical.

Cut off the excess with a box cutter.

This technique is the surest way to obtain a perfectly straight cut.

Now you know how to apply woven glass fabric.


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