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How to Make and Install a Wall-Mounted Folding Table

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In this video, you'll learn how to make and install a wall-mounted folding table.

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Need a new table but pressed for space? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will show you everything you need to make and install a wall-mounted foldable table.


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This video will show you how to make and install a wall-mounted foldable table.

A foldable table allows you to make good use of a small space. When folded, it doesn't take up any room. When unfolded, it can be used as a table or a small desk.

In order to install it, you will need: a plank of wood, retractable brackets, a batten, a measuring tape, a pencil, a circular saw, wall anchors, wall anchor setting tool, a drill/driver and adapted screws.

The installation process can be divided in 3 steps, which we will explain in detail.

Step 1: Cut the plank of wood down to the desired size

After choosing the dimensions of the shelf -here, 50cm by 100cm- mark them on the plank of wood before cutting it. Mark up the wood using a soft-lead pencil, and use a batten to ensure that the lines are straight.

Attention: make sure that you firmly secure the plank of wood to the workbench before you start cutting

Cut the plank of wood using a circular saw, always follow the safety regulations.

Repeat the process to adjust the width of the table.

Step 2: Attach the brackets to the wall

Decide the height at which you will to fix the table: here we'll place it one meter above the floor. Use the measuring tape to measure the height, and then make a mark on the wall with the pencil.

Place the bracket on the wall where you marked it, and check it is vertical using a spirit level.

Mark the positions of the holes to drill using the pencil.

Tip: you can make the marks through the bracket screw holes.

Use a drill fitted to the type of wall and the dimensions of the screw anchor that you are going to use, drill holes on the marks you made earlier.

Insert the expansion anchors in the holes and fix them using the wall anchor setting tool. Screw the bracket securely onto the wall.

In order to determine the space between the two brackets, place the shelf on the first bracket, letting it overhang by ten centimetres. On the other side, make a mark ten centimetres from the edge of the plank.

Place the bracket level with the mark and adjust its height using a spirit level. Drill again, insert the expansion anchors and screw the second bracket in firmly.

Check the two brackets are horizontally level.

Step 3: Fixing the table to the brackets

Place the shelf on the unfolded brackets, check that it is well centred and remains against the wall. Using screws that are of a suited diameter and length, firmly hold the shelf and screw it in the designated places from below.

Now you know how to install a wall-mounted foldable table.


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