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Give an old door a new lease of life by customising it following our video guide for inspiration!

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This video is designed to inspire you to try your hand at customising doors in your home, featuring different ideas to help you get creative!


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In this video, we are going to learn how to customise a door.

You can always decorate a doorframe.

There are many different ways to do this whilst expressing your creativity. Painting, hanging wallpaper, attaching mirrors, or even using stencils or stickers or moulds...

Today we are going to attach some pre-moulded decorative wooden strips and then paint the door.

This will give the door a classic and authentic look.

We will use a pre-cut door panel kit, which has been adjusted to the door's size. There are many advantages to this kit: it is inexpensive and the wooden strips' edges have already been cut. You won't need to use a mitre saw to adjust them.

To start, unhinge the door and put it in a flat and stable position. Now unscrew the 2 screws from the handle and remove it from the door.

You can now begin measuring and drawing markers.

Referring to the measurements diagram provided in the kit, measure and mark some reference points for each wooden strip. For more precise and practical measurements, it is preferable to use a ruler set. Draw your pencil marks, using a ruler or a straight wooden rafter.

Once you have marked your points, place the strips on the door to help you visualise how it will end up. Adjust and centre them, using the door's centre as a point of reference. Be careful to get the edges of each wooden panel strip the right way round.

Now we are going to nail in the wooden strips. Use lost head nails to do this. If you can, put them in place using a magnetic nail holder for increased ease and precision. Use 2 nails per strip. Position them and then drive them in with a hammer.

Use a small suitable hammer and don't hesitate to knock them in with the thin side of the hammer, so as not to damage the wooden strips.

Add a third nail to the centre of each wooden strip.

Make sure that all your strips are firmly fixed in place

You can now prepare your door for painting.

Start by cleaning and dusting the door with a dry cloth.

You can now apply the undercoat. Mix the paint so that it is even and homogenous. Apply the undercoat with a small, long-haired roller. Paint the undercoat in even strips, paying particular attention to the wooden strips.

When your undercoat has been applied, leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Before painting it, sand the undercoat with an abrasive sponge to break up the grain, so as to make the door smooth. The benefit of using an abrasive sponge is that it can access the hard-to-reach contours of the wooden strips

When your door is perfectly smooth, it is ready to be painted.

Paint it with the roller and pay close attention to the wooden strips.

Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours.

You can apply a 2nd layer by following the same procedure.

When your paint is dry, re-attach the handle with the screws and re-hinge the door.

You door is finished.


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