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Install Moulded Door Lining

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Learn how to install a moulded door casing around a door frame

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Installing a door frame for the first time? Help is at hand! This specially designed video will take you step-by-step through the process of installing a pre-moulded door casing around the frame for a classic finish.


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We have already seen that you can customise your internal doors. It's also possible to install pre-moulding door frames or casings around your door frame

This simple technique will give your doorframe a classic look.

Here we have some pre-moulded wooden door casing strips measing 2m40 that we are going to re-size and nail around the doorframe

No real difficulties here, you just need to be careful when cutting the angles on your wooden casing strips

Begin by placing your wooden strips against the doorframe. Make a mark at the level of the skirting board.

Then make a straight cut at the level of your mark

Place your wooden strip back against the wall and make a mark level with the top corner of the doorframe

Use a mitre box to saw the top of your wooden door strip at a 45 degree angle, your first strip is now ready. Sand the edges that have been cut using an abrasive sponge

You'll now be able to nail your wooden strip in place. To do this use 1.5x25mm lost head nails

Place your wooden strip flush against the wall and drive your first nail high up the strip to fix the strip in place

Here, for greater ease and precision, we will use a magnetic nail setter

Drive the nail with your hammer, finishing with the peen of the hammer - the thinner face - to avoid damaging your wooden strip

Continue nailing approximately every 30cm

We will now cut the wooden strip which will go over the top of the door frame

Take a half-sized wooden strip and position it above the doorframe. Make your marks and cut at an angle with your mitre box. Then sand the sawed edge with an abrasive sponge

Leave the wooden strip to one side and begin working your final strip. As with the first strip you cut, begin by marking and cutting the bottom of the strip so that it sits above the skirting board. Then mark out the top and cut at a 45 degree angle

Make sure that you invert the angle when cutting the top of the strip. Sand with an abrasive sponge

Nail the strip in the same way you nailed the first strip

Then make your final mark on the half-sized strip that will sit on top of the door frame. Again, be careful to cut the angle in the right direction.

Then check that your top strip sits flush on the top of the door frame

If it sits flush, then you can begin nailing it in

Drive in as many nails as necessary, spacing them about 20cm apart

Once your wooden door casing strips are perfectly fixed in place, you can begin painting


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