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How to Lay Mosaic Tiles in a Shower

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In this video learn how to lay mosaic tiling in your bathroom shower.

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New to tiling? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through everything you need to know to lay your own mosaic tiling in your shower.


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In this video we'll learn how to tile a shower with mosiac tiling

Moisture resistant and easy to clean, tiles are ideal for a bathroom. Here we'll lay mosaic tiles wich are preglued to a fiberglass mesh to facilitate their laying.

First of all, you need to measure the quantity of tiles necessary to cover the area.

Remember to get 10% more tiles than your measurements specify because you will have to do some cutting and make other adjustments

To do this you'll need: a trowel, a notched trowel, mosaic tile nippers and tile pliers, a spirit level, a tile beater, a float or a putty knife, a gum rubber grout float for the joints, cross tile spacers, tiling glue or thin-set, and joints sealer

Step 1: Preparation

Start by preparing the glue, mix the powder with waterin the proportions indicated by the manufacturer.

The glue is ready when there is no powder nor any pools of water remaining in the mixture.

On the side of the shower, make sure there is a slope toward the shower tray

Here we use mosaic tiles which are pre glued to fiberglash mesh. The mesh is easy to slice with a cutter, but to cut the tiles you will need tile pliers. Deeply scratch the tile with the mosaic nippers to cut it straight.

Cut the tiles down to your specific measurements and lay your tiles

Once you have laid them correctly, remove your tiles and protect the shower tray with some tape.

plaster the surface that needs to be tiled. To do this use the notched tiling trowel.

Lay the tiles and push with your hand to stick them in place

Once the edge has been tiled, repeat the process for the shower tray.

Step : Lay the mosaic tiles

Apply a strip of thin-set the width of a single row of tiles on the wall, stick the tiles onto it. To spread the thin-set efficiently put as much of it as you can on the center of the notched tiling trowel.

push the tiles in the thin-set with a tile beater.

Remove the excess thin-set with the trowel.

Follow the mosaic's pattern to get a more professional result. Leave a slight space between mosaic tiles for the future joints.

For the top row cut the cross spacers and use them as wedges. Then repeat the process.

For each row make sure that the tiles are correctly laid level using a spirit level.

If you come up against an obstacle such as these screw heads which are sticking out, try replacing them with flathead screws so that they can then be covered by the mosaic tiles.

Keep going until you have tiled the whole shower

Grout the joints

When all the tiles have been laid, you can grout the joints between tiles

Pick grout designed to resist moisture.

mix and apply on the walls with a putty knife

To grout a bigger surface quickly, grout using the rubber grout float squeegee.

Spread the grout evenly in all the grooves,

Once an area has been completely grouted, clean the tiles with a sponge and clean water. Keep the water clean by regularly changing the water in the bucket.

Leave to dry and when the joints slightly lighten, usually after about 10 minutes, scrub with a clean and dry rag to remove the thin remaining layer.

Repeat the process until all the tiles are properly grouted.

Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, then wash everything with household cleaning products.

Now that the tiling is finished you can complete your shower by installing a tap and a shower head.


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