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Take Care of Your Feet

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Learn simple ways to take care of your feet after a hike or backpacking the trail

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Make sure to clean, disinfect and then air-dry your feet to ensure that they recover speedily after a hike

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Looking after your feet after a hike

In this video you will learn how to take care of your feet after a hike.

Remember these three steps when you get back from your hike: your feet must be clean, disinfected and shoes and socks off so as to air your feet.

First comes the job of cleaning your feet. Contrary to what most people think, it is not a good idea to soak your feet when returning from a hike, or at least not for more than 5 minutes, as you risk damaging your skin.

Wash your feet quickly but thoroughly with soap and a flannel. Remove any plasters.

Dry your feet well and don't forget between the toes.

Then you need to disinfect them. Once your feet are clean and dry, treat and disinfect any red patches..

Use a moisturizer to massage your feet so as to treat the skin and relax your muscles.

Finally, you need to air your feet. Once your feet are clean and have been treated, let them dry out and air them for as long as possible.

We advise you wear sandals for a few days after your hike or at least keep your feet uncovered whenever possible.

To summarize, after a hike, follow these three steps to take care of your feet: wash them, treat them, air them. Now you try it!

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