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How to Choose Hiking Boots

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Learn the different kinds of shoes and boots for type of hiking you want to do

This chapter in the hiking program is about preparing before hitting the trail

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video, you will learn to choose the correct type of shoes or boots for your hike.

Choosing the perfect hiking shoes isn't always easy but knowing what type of shoe to use based on the type of terrain you plan to explore is a good place to start.

When choosing your hiking shoes, the most important criteria is the type of hiking you will be using them for. For beginners, you can distinguish three different types of hiking: light-, mid-level and difficult hikes

First, the light hike: It is a trek usually lasting a few hours on easy footpaths, which is well signposted and relatively flat and dry.

For short, light hikes, shoes with a low top are ideal. They are light and flexible.

Similar to sneakers (which are sometimes used) they have the advantage of having a thicker, studded sole. They are also more solid and protect the foot better.

Second, the mid-range hike. It is a hike lasting one or more days, over hiking trails on relatively rocky, uneven terrain and often withquickly-changing weather conditions.

For mid-range hikes, shoes with half or full high-tops are best. They are relatively light, warm, offer good ankle support, a good grip and are more sturdy

They are the most versatile hiking shoe.

Third, long distance, high hiking, which is also known as a trek. It is a hike in more unpredictable and extreme conditions than that of a classic hike.

For the long distance, difficult hike, shoes with a high-top of trek are the most suitable. They offer good protection, and are also often waterproof, made of leather, and fairly rigid.

Now you know how to choose the best type of shoe for your hiking needs.


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