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How to Clean Hiking Boots

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Learn how to clean, maintain and care for your hiking boots to keep them in good shape for longer

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Keeping your boots in good working order is essential to enjoy hike after hike!

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video, you will learn how to look after your hiking boots. You just need to do a few simple things on a daily basis so as to keep your boots comfortable and in tip top condition.

To look after your boots properly, remember the following steps: cleaning, drying, treating and repairing.

First of all, let's take a look at how to clean them. Even if you know your shoes will be dirty again in the near future , clean them regularly. By doing so you will remove any dirt that may end up scratching and therby dammaging your boots.

Use a soft brush and warm water to clean the outside of the boots and don't forget to clean the soles.

You can also use a brush and warm water to clean inside your boots, bearing in mind that your boots will take longer to dry.

Next, drying. Whether you have cleaned your boots or not, the following step is very important after every hike:

Remove the insoles and undo the laces so as to open up the boots as much as possible, Then leave them out to dry at room temperature.

If your boots are wet, filling them with newspaper will help them to dry faster. Never ever place them on a direct source of heat like a radiator or fire.

Thirdly, treating your boots.

There are two different products that can be used to treat your boots: products which make the material waterproof again and protective creams, especially for leather.

Refer to the manufacturer's advice.

Fourthly, repairs. Inspect your boots and always repair them as soon as you notice something is wrong before the problem gets worse.

Finally put your boots away in a dry and well ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

In short, remember to clean your shoes regularly, always dry them, treat them and repair them if neccessary. Now over to you!


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