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Dynamic Warm-ups to Do Before a Hike: Upper Body

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Learn some simple warm-ups to do before setting off on your hike

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How to warm up your upper body before a hike

In this video, we will show you a few exercises to warm up the upper body before going on a hike. They will help to make your walk more enjoyable and to avoid any injuries.

We will show you an exercise for each of the following parts of your body: your shoulders, your neck and your back.

Firstly, the shoulders. Stand up straight, your legs slightly apart and look straight in front of you

Circle your right shoulder in one direction, then in the other, all the time keeping your chest pushed out in front.

Then do the same thing with your left-shoulder, and then both shoulders at the same time, whilst taking deep breaths.

Secondly, the neck. This exercise is very simple. Relax your shoulders and look straight ahead.

Slowly bring your chin down to your chest whilst breathing out through your mouth, then lift your head back up, breathing in through your nose.

Thirdly, the back. Stand up straight, one foot in front of the other, as if you were standing on an imaginary line.

Lift your arms above your head and interlace your fingers then turn your palms up to face the sky

Lean to your left, breathing out all the way. Then come back to where you started. Do this stretch several times, then change sides.

After this, swap your feet over and do these movements again.

We recommend Doing these exercises before each hik your go on. Over to you!


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