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How to Walk Uphill

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Learn some great techniques for uphill walking. Great for steep ascents on the trail

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Uphill walking

in this video, you are going to learn to walk well when going uphill on your hike.

When walking uphill , pay attention to the following three points: pace, regularity and the way you place your foot on the ground.

Firstly, pace. The ideal pace is one where you are not out of breath. Some people even like a pace which allows them to have a conversation whilst they are walking.

If you can't find the right pace, you can try and match your breathing with your pace. A classic pace is to breathe in for 3 steps, then to breath out for 3 steps.

During more strenuous effort, you can try breathing in for 2 steps and breathing out for 2 or 3 steps. It's up to you to find your rhythm depending on the terrain.

Secondly, regularity. To cover a long distance going uphill, keep a regular rhythm, and take less breaks. This will help keep your heartbeat steady.

If you are out of breath, slow down your breathing rhythm, or shorten your stride. It is better to be slower and more regular than to have a rhythm that is quick but jerky.

Thirdly, the way you place your foot on the ground. You will use up less energy if you use your ankles to move you forwards.

To make best use of your ankles, learn to put your feet down properly: heel, sole, then toes.

Avoid climbing a slope on tiptoes, as this will quickly make your calves ache.

To summarise, so as to walk uphill properly, remember these three points: breathing rhythm, regularity, and the way you place your feeton the ground. Now it's your turn!


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