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How to Protect your Backpack from the Rain

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Learn how to protect both your bag and its content from rain showers on the trail

This trekking video is in the second chapter of our hiking program

It's essential to avoid getting all your belongings soaked when out hiking

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video, you will learn how to protect your rucksack from the rain. Do this in advance and you will avoid the awful surprise of finding your clothes, papers or electronic devices drenched in water and unusable.

We have two suggestions: protect both the inside and the outside of your bag.

First of all, protect the outside of your bag. You can use a protective hood or your rain poncho to cover you and your bag.

These methods are easy and protect the whole bag but they aren't completely reliable. The hood or your poncho may easily get caught in branches or rocks and they aren't that resistant to heavy rain or wind.

Neither do they protect against water immersion if you drop or place your bag on the ground.

Secondly, protect the inside of your bag. This is easy: put everything that you want to protect in a waterproof bag.

You can use a strong bin liner to line the inside of your backpack.

You can also use small freezer bags to protect your things.

This is a reliable, lightweight and cheap way of protecting all your things and preventing them from getting wet.

Our advice is to use both methods: protect the inside and the outside of your bag.

In short, in order to protect your bag from the rain, remember these two tips: protect the inside and the outside.


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