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How to Prepare Before a Hike

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In this video you will learn the necessary steps to take before a hike to ensure a safe trek

This chapter contains videos to help you prepare before you set off. Keep going with the videos in this free Hiking series.

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In this video you are going to learn how to organise your hike.

We are going to divide this video into three parts: preparing for the hike, the weather forecast, and equipment.

Firstly, preparing for the hike. Take time to establish the exact itinerary for your hike in advance.

Using guide books to help you and getting information from other hikers, for example, through social media sites, estimate the difficulty of the route and the amount of time it will take you.

Adjust the itinerary to suit the least sporty member of the group.

Also plan safety routes which will allow you to end your hike more easily or more quickly in case of difficulty.

Secondly, the weather forecast. It is absolutely crucial to check the weather forecast before you set off.

Knowing the weather forecast in advance will allow you to choose suitable clothing and equipment.

For some more difficult routes, knowing the weather forecast will allow you to avoid unpleasant, if not dangerous, situations. In these cases, delay your adventure for a day or two.

Thirdly, equipment. It should be chosen to suit your hike and the weather forecast.

Don't forget your phone, which should be fully charged up, your first aid kit and your compass.

Before you set off, let a friend or a parent know your itinerary and the time you expect to be back.

To summarise, when organising your hike, remember these three points: preparation, the weather forecast and equipment. Now it's your turn!


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