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How to Stay Hydrated When Backpacking

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Learn how to keep hydrated when hiking the trails. Keep plenty of water on you

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It's crucial to stay well hydrated. Watch the video for essential tips of staying hydrated

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In this video, you are going to learn how to keep yourself well hydrated during your short to medium hikes. This allows you to have pleasant walks, recover well by limiting cramps, aches and tendonitis in the evening and the next day.

We are going to divide this video into two parts: hydration during the walk, then in the evening.

Firstly, during the walk. We advise you to regularly drink small amounts. Take a few sips every 15 to 30 minutes, without waiting until you are thirsty. If you are thirsty, it is because you have already waited too long.

Use your own experience to plan how much water to carry. We advise you to watch the video: "Plan your food and drink for a hike".

You can also take energy drinks, but don't hesitate to dilute them with a little water, as they are generally very concentrated.

Avoid fizzy drinks, which are too sugary and don't quench your thirst.

In all cases, exclude alcohol from your bags, as it prevents the body from being hydrated.

Secondly, in the evening. After your walk, it is important to continue drinking so that you can recover from your hike.

You can drink mineral water, fruit or vegetable juices, even fermented skimmed milk or yoghurt, which have a good anti-acid action.

Avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol, just as you do during your walk.

To summarise, Inorder to stay well hydrated when hiking, drink often, without waiting until you are thirsty and continue to hydrate yourself in the evening. Happy hiking!


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