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Discover Some Hiking Food Tips

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Learn what, how and when to eat to hike to your best ability and to fuel your time on the trail

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Proper nutrition on the hike is key to keeping up energy levels, but also to recovering quicker the following day.

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How to eat well while hiking

In this video, you will learn how to eat well during your short and average length hiking trips. Even though hiking for a few hours doesn't require as much preparation as a marathon nutrition plays an important role in the success of the activity and how enjoyable it is.

This video is divided into three parts; eating in the morning, during the hike and in the evening.

Firstly, the morning. It's best to eat a substantial meal and to prioritize more complex sugars which are hardly processed or not at all.

Fresh or dried fruit, muesli and almonds are all perfect examples.

Avoid sugary foods such as caramelized or chocolaty cereal bars and sweets as they do not provide slow-release energy.

Secondly, during the hike. This can be broken down into three words; you must eat little, often and lightly.

Make sure you have a substantial lunch but that is easy to carry with you on your hike. A sandwich or a salad with slices of lean meat are perfect examples.

Strictly speaking, the more difficult the hike is, the more it is advised to eat snacks regularly and to eat a full lunch. Snacks such as energy bars or dried fruits will provide you with sugars that are easily digested by the body.

Avoid sweets as they provide your body with practically no nutrition and make you thirsty.

Thirdly, the evening. Dinner is the meal for recovery so it should be large, mainly consist of slow-release sugars and be hydrating where possible .

Avoid fatty dishes. instead, have carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes or butterbeans which are easier to digest and accompany them with lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

To conclude, in order to eat well while hiking, eat a good meal in the morning, little and often during the hike and a good meal in the evening for recovery. No matter what, always eat a meal that is balanced and adapted to your needs.


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