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Protect Yourself From the Cold when Backpacking

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Learn 3 tips to protect yourself from cold weather when hiking

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Protecting yourself from the cold while hiking

In this video, you will learn how to protect yourself from the cold when hiking.

We are going to split this video into 3 parts: protecting yourself, eating, and walking in the shelter.

First of all, protecting yourself. The most effective way to resist the cold is the method of using 3 layers of clothing. For the first layer, use a fabric for warm weather, which is breathable.

For the second layer, use a fabric for cold weather, which is insulating. For the third layer, use a fabric which will protect against the wind and the rain.

Make sure to protect the extremities of your body, because our body can lose a lot of it's natural heat through the extremities. As a priority, protect the feet, the hands, the neck and the head.

You can also protect your skin, for example with a moisturiser or a protective cream.

Secondly, eating. Make sure to eat regularly, for example dried fruit or cereal bars, so that your body produces heat.

The sugars in these foods will be used quickly by your muscle and brain cells to fight the cold and give you energy.

Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking small amounts regularly, preferably of a hot drink, such as tea, that you can bring in a thermos.

Thirdly, sheltering. To fight heat loss, walk as much as possible where there is some shelter from the wind and the rain.

When possible, remove layers to minimise sweating. As you are walking, take off a layer as soon as you warm up, without waiting to start sweating. Put it back on as soon as you take a break. This will make up for your body producing less heat because you've stopped moving.

In short, to prepare yourself for cold weather, remember to protect yourself, to eat well, and to walk in the shelter.


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