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Learn Some Hiking Safety Tips

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Watch the video to learn some useful tips to stay safe during your hike

This video is in our chapter on preparing a hike. Keep going on to the next video for more useful hiking info

Remember to use your common sense and keep people informed of your trail plans

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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Staying safe while hiking

In this video, we will offer advice to keep you safe during your hike.

We have divided this video into 3 parts: organisation, equipment and during the hike.

First, organisation: it is the key to a successful hike. In preparing for your hike, choose a route suitable for your experience and your fitness level,

Find out how long the actual hike takes and add about 1/3 of the time to account for breaks and various stops.

Always check the weather forecast before setting out, and be prepared to reschedule your hike if the weather is not suitable.

Try to avoid hiking alone, especially if you lack experience, and always let someone know your itinerary and the approximate time you will return.

Second, equipment. To learn what basic equipment you need, refer to the video titled "What equipment to take on a hike".

Wear clothing that is easily visible and take a loud whistle with you. It will be very useful if you get lost or if you are stuck somewhere.

Plan carefully the amount of water to bring, and take extra just in case.

Thirdly, during the hike. The best way to keep safe is to use your common sense : observe and pay attention to your surroundings.

With fatigue, your steps have a tendency to become less assured. Listen to your body and take regular breaks to hydrate and nourish your body.

Check regularly that you are keeping to your schedule and route, and remember to turn back before it's too late if you encounter difficulties.

To be sure that your hike goes by safely, remember to act ahead of time to carefully prepare for the hike, take the correct equipment, and pay attention while hiking. over to you!


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