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Backpacking Equipment Checklist

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Learn the essential and useful items you'll need for a smooth and succesful hike

This program falls in the "preparing your hike" chapter teaching you all you need to know before setting out on the trail

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video you will learn how to choose the equipment neccessary for your hike. The aim is not to forget any essentials whilst keeping your bag as light as possible.

In preparation for your hike, there are two categories of equipment to bear in mind: the basics and the essentials.

First of all, the basics. For a half day hike on decent pathways or an easy few hour hike in the mountains, you will need:

- a rucksack

- suitable hiking boots and socks

- suitable clothing

- a waterproof wind cheater

- sun cream or moisturizer

- at least 1.5 litres of water

- a small snack like dried fruit or cereal bars

- a compass and a topograhic map (scale 1:25000) with a protective plastic cover

- a first aid kit ,check out our video on "How to prepare your first aid kit for hiking"

Next the essential items. These are often forgotten but are very useful in many situations:

- a loud whistle

- toilet paper

- a swiss army knife

- a mobile phone

- paper and pencil

- the name of a contact person in case of emergency

- string

- a lighter or matches

- a rubbish bag

- your identity papers in a plastic zip-lock bag

Choose your equipment according to the season and the type of hike. The most common mistake is to overpack. However have confidence in your experience and choose between the essential and the useful.

When you are preparing for a hike, remember the two different catergories of equipment to bring: basics and essentials.


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