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Stretching Exercises for the Neck and Shoulders After Backpacking

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Learn some simple stretches to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders after hiking, trekking or camping

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video we will demonstrate a few stretching exercises for you to practice during and after your hike. If you practice these exercises you will recover faster after your hike and greatly reduce the risk of injury to your muscles and tendons.

Never stretch cold muscles and bear in mind that you should never feel any pain when stetching. Listen to your body, stretching gradually and smoothly Get to know your own personal limits.

We will demonstrate two exercises for stretching your neck and shoulders. If you carry a backpack you will have used these muscles a lot.

Exercise one: stretching your neck. This exercise is very easy.

Stand up and look forwards. Loosen up your shoulders and neck as much as possible and relax your arms

Tilt your head slowly to the right without forcing.

Place your right hand on your left ear stay relaxed and tilt your head towards the right shoulder. Breathe deeply.

Hold the stretch for thirty seconds then change sides.

Exercise two: stretching your shoulders.

Place your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on the back of your left arm. Try to pull it behind you without forcing.

Control your breathing Hold the stretch for thirty seconds and repeat the exercise with the other arm.

Breathe deeply whilst doing these exercises and take your time. Now over to you!


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