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Planning Food and Drink for Backpacking

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Learn what and how to pack in terms of food and drink when out on a hike`

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video, you are going to learn to plan your food and drink supplies for your small and medium hikes.

We are going to divide this video into two parts: food, then drinks.

Firstly, food. Whether your hikes will last a few hours or two days, the golden rule for food is: small, light, nutritious.

For your snacks, cereal bars and dried fruits are a good choice. Plan to eat small quantities regularly during your walk.

Take foodstuffs out of their packaging, have a taste of them and put them in small zipped freezer bags.

Avoid anything which is heavy or bulky, such as tin cans.

Secondly, drinks. Obviously, planning the right amount of water to take with you is crucial for every hike.

As you do for food, plan the quantity of water to take with you, according to your knowledge of places where you can get more supplies.

The amount of water to take is up to you but you need to consider the weather forecast, the physical difficulty of your walk and how long it will last. Always set off with a full flask or bottle that holds at least 1.5L.

Use your experience and take a little more than you think you need.

Without exception, exclude alcohol from your bags.

Now it's your turn!


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