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How to Choose a Hiking Map

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In this video you will learn how to choose the right map before you go hiking

This video is the first in a series all about undertaking hiking for the first time

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choosing a hiking map

In this video you will learn how to choose a hiking map. The card allows you to be independent and make informed choices while hiking. It also means that you do not have to depend on electronic devices, which are extremely practical but which can also leave you destitute when they stop working.

When choosing your hiking map, it is important to take two things into consideration: make sure you choose a topographical map which is as accurate as possible.

First, a topographical map. There are many types of maps, and are they are not all quite the same.

Tourist maps, for example, cannot be used while hiking: they lack precision, cover only a certain area, and rarely respect the scale.

Road maps are sometimes tempting because they are reliable, but they do not provide you with any information about the landscape. This is particularly gangerous if you hike in hilly areas because the steep areas are not indicated.

When you hike, take a topographic map with you, and one that gives information about the landscape. The landscape is visually represented by shadows and contours.

Secondly, choose the most accurate map. Map scale 1: 25,000 ( "twenty-five thousandth") is most often used in hiking, but 1: 50000 can also do the trick.

Scale 1: 25,000 means that 1 cm on the map equals 25,000 cm or 250 m on the land.

Seen another way, 1mm on the map represents 25 m on the ground. A map at 1: 25,000 is therefore perfect for hiking because you can measure the distances precisely.

When you buy a topographical map for your hike, make sure that your route is more or less at the center of the map. If it is off center, buy other maps, you will not regret it!

For practice, buy a map near your house and try to locate areas that you already know.

In short, when you go hiking, always take a topographical map, and one that is the as accurate as possible.


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