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How to Use a Compass: Navigation

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Learn how to use your compass to get to a specific destination

Remember to use a baseplate compass, keeping it flat. Stop regularly to check that you haven't veered off course

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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Walking to a set destination using a compass

In this video, you're going to learn how to walk to a set destinatoin using compass readings.

Taking a reading allows you to walk to a set destination , even if you can't see it whilst walking because of hills or trees.

Use a baseplate compass; it's the only kind that you can orientate yourself with whilst hiking.

In order to take your reading, remember these three steps: calibrate the compass, record your position, and set off, whilst checking your direction at regular intervals.

Firstly, calibrate the compass.

Locate your end destination. Take your compass, keeping it level, and turn the orientating arrow to the direction of your desired destination

Secondly, record your position. Once you've worked out the direction you'll be taking, turn the dial on the face of the compass to line the compass needle up with the red orientating marker.

Now, your position is recorded: all you have to do is line up the needle with the orientating marker in order to find your reading again.

Thirdly, set off, whilst aiming for midway points.

A midway point must be directly in line with your end point. It could be a tree, a hill, or a house, for example.

Line up the compass needle with the orientating marker, and find your point.

Walk up to this point. Repeat this as many times as you need to to get to your final destination.

We strongly advise you to practise in familiar surroundings before doing it when hiking!

To get to an end point using a compass, remember these three steps; calibrate the compass, record your position, and set off whilst aiming for midway points which come in-between yourself and your end destination


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