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How to Choose Your Backpack

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In this video you will learn how to choose the backpack best suited to the type of hiking you will be doing

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Choosing the correct bag will make your hike a more comfortable and enjoyable experience

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video, you will learn how to choose a suitable backpack for your hike. If you choose the right bag, you will be able to bring everything you need with you for your hike with the maximum amount of comfort.

When choosing your pack, always ask yourself: "What type of hiking will I use this for?" Let's look at the main characteristics of a pack.

First of all, capacity. This is described in litres and is often in the name of the bag. For example: Superbag 30 is a bag with a 30 litre capacity.

For a hike lasting a few hours, a 20L bag is generally adequate. For a full day hike with a picnic, choose a 30-40L bag. For longer than one day, go for a bag higher than 40L.

Secondly, the design. Not all backpacks are designed with the same storage facilities

Some have pockets on the sides and on the flaps.

The best bag isn't neccessarily the one with the most pockets, but the one which has the best design to suit your hiking needs.

Thirdly, its features. Choose a bag with good straps that can be adjusted and tightened.

A waterproof hood (whether part of the bag or separate), can be very useful, depending on the type of climate you will be hiking in.

In any case, beware of gadgets which can never replace proper hiking equipment.

Fourthly, comfort. This depends on how good the carrying system is, the ventilation and the strap adjustments.

Take time to test your bacpack, by placing heavy objects inside and adjusting the bag to fit.

Finally, the weight. This is an important criteria because the backpack itself is often one of the heaviest elements of your will be carrying.

Taking all the other criteria in consideration, choose the lightest pack possible.

In summary, to choose your hiking backpack, remember the following criteria: volume, organisation, features, comfort and weight.


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