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How to Choose Trekking Poles

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In this video you'll learn about hiking poles and how to use them

This video is in the preparing your hike chapter which helps you get set up before you set off

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In this video, you will learn how to choose HIKING poles . Like all hiking material, there are several models and price points, it's not always easy to find the best kind for you

To help you choose the trekking poles that are right for you, we will go over 7 elements to take into consideration to make the right choice.

First of all, the weight is a critical factor. The lighter your poles are, the easier they will be to manoeuvre.

The weight depends on the material of the pole. Go for an aluminum pole if you are an occasional hiker, or a carbon fiber one if you hike regularly.

Second, the number of sections. The more sections a pole has, the more compact it will be once it is folded or retracted

For hikes consisting of several parts that require your poles be attached to your bag, go for a more compact pole with 3 sections.

Third, the system for adjustment, essential for adapting the pole to your needs. Direct yourself towards a lever or push-pin system which are more reliable than a screw-locking system.

Fourth, the handle. As with bike handles, handle choice is important because it is thourgh your grip that you transfer the weight of yourself and your bag to the ground.

Try to find foam or cork, which are light and don't heat up too much. Avoid plastic, which is heavy, heats quickly, and does not absorb sweat.

Fifth, the wrist straps. They are extremely helpful for not losing your poles, as well as having a dynamic grip and to help rest your hands.

As a general rule, larger hand loops are more comfortable and bring better support.

Sixth, the tip. Steel tipare less expensive but become worn more easily than tungsten tips. Tip choice should be based on how often you will use your poles.

Lastly, the basket. In summer on grass or rocky terrain choose smaller baskets as the larger ones tend to pick up clumps of earth or stones. In winter, go for larger baskets which guarantee a more stable support on loose terrain.

In any case, adapt your choice of pole depending on the type of hike you plan on doing and don’t hesitate to ask a trained salesperson for advice. Over to you!


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