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Stretching Exercises for the Back and Hips After Backpacking

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Learn a few simple stretches to ease your back muscles after a day of hiking the trail

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In this video, we will demonstrate a few stretching exercises for you to practice during and after your hike. If you do these stretches you will recover faster after your hike and will greatly reduce your chances of injuring your muscles or tendons.

Never stretch cold muscles and bear in mind that you should never feel any pain while stretching. Listen to your body, stretch gradually and smoothly and make sure you accept your limits.

We will demonstrate two exercises for stretching your waist and back. If you carry a rucksack, you will certainly use these muscles a lot.

First exercise: stretching your waist. Stand up with your knees slightly bent.

Place your left hand on your waist and your right hand above your head with the palm facing upwards. Try not to pull your shoulder up to your ear.

Push your hand towards the sky and over to the left, bending the top part of your body but without moving your pelvis. You should feel a stretch along the side, waist and back.

Breathe out and repeat the exercise on the other side.

Second exercise: stretching your back.

Stand up and look straight ahead.

Breathe in, crossing your hands above you head and push upwards whilst breathing out. Then relax your hands.

Be careful not to hold your breath during the exercise. Repeat several times, breathing in before you move into the stretch and breathing out whilst stretching.

You can also do this exercise with your hands crossed in front of you at shoulder height, pushing forwards whilst pulling in your chest at the same time.

Breathe in deeply whilst doing these exercises and take it at your own pace. Now over to you!


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