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How to Lace a Boot

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Learn the correct technique to lace your hiking boots

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This is essential to ensure a comfortable hike, reducing the risk of blisters or injury

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How to properly lace up your hiking boots

In this video, you'll learn how to properly lace up your high-top hiking boots. Having your boots laced up properly will help you to get the best out of them.

Having your boots laced up properly has three main advantages; they won't come undone during your hike, they keep your feet in the right position, and they limit the rubbing that causes blisters

These are the four steps to properly lace up your boots: the position of your foot, the stopper knot, lacing up the hooks, and the final knot

Firstly, the position of your foot. Put on your boot and tap your foot lightly on the ground to make sure your heel is securely wedged into the heel of the boot

Next, pull your laces tight from the bottom up, as evenly as possible. The lacing should be tight, but shouldn't cause you any discomfort

Secondly, the stopper knot, done at ankle-height: This technique keeps your heel in the right place and the lower part of the laces tightly secure. This is very easy; just tie a wrap the laces over themselves twice, like this.

Thirdly, lacing up the hooks. It's not unusual for the laces to slip through the hooks and become undone when tied in normally.

So, to lock them in place properly, pass each lace around the hook from the top first, then cross them over to the opposite side of the shoe. Now the laces are locked in place, and can't come undone.

Fourthly, the final knot. You can finish lacing up your boots with a traditional knot shoelace, either single or double

Remember that the job of the knot is to finish the lacing, and isn't a substitute for the lacing itself!

According to your needs and the terrain, don't hesitate to adjust the lacing during your hike, whether that be tightening it for a climb or loosening it for a descent

To lace up your hiking boots properly, get your foot in the correct position, tighten your laces, tie a stopper knot, pass the laces around the hooks from the top down, and tie a final knot. Over to you!


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