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Prepare Before a Hike: Practice

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Learn tips on assessing your fitness level before a attempting your proper hike

This is a great way to know how your capabilities and to adpat your hike accordingly before hitting the trail for real.

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Voice-over by Dominic di Rollo

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In this video, you are going to learn a clever way to know if you are ready for a hike.

This controlled hike will help you learn more about your capabilities, without putting yourself in difficulty.

If you are hesitating to embark on a hike which seems difficult, do a practice hike.

We are going to divide this video into 3 parts: preparation, the walk, and the analysis of your practice hike.

Firstly, preparation. The best practice hike is one which is most like the hike you want to prepare for.

Find a route close to your home which is the most similar in terrain and level of difficulty.

We advise you to plan a practice hike two or three times shorter than the distance of the hike you want to prepare for. This controlled distance will still give you a good insight into your capability.

Take the same equipment as you would take on the hike which you preparing for: shoes, clothing, rucksack and other essentials.

Secondly, the walk. It is important that you are relaxed during your test hike. Don't overdo it and take note of things which don't go well, such as if your feet hurt or you have backache.

If you have planned a route which is too short, don't hesitate to make it longer to test your capability.

Thirdly, the analysis of your practice hike. If you had no problems, you are certainly ready for your hike.

If you felt you only just made it physically, you can change your hiking plan or train harder. A good way of doing this is to do some new practice hikes.

If the equipment caused you problems, think about changing it. The most common problems relate to the way you lace your shoes, the way you set up your rucksack and the organisation of your equipment in your bag.

For more details, we advise you to watch our videos on these subjects.

To summarise, to do a practice hike, remember these three steps: preparation, the walk, and the analysis of your hike. Now it's your turn!


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