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In this video, you will learn to recognize the signs of a stroke and what to do.

A stroke is a problem with the blood supply to the brain.

The signs of a stroke appear SUDDENLY with:

The face droops, becomes asymmetrical or distorted

The casualty has trouble speaking;

The casualty has a weakness or numbness in one arm or leg;

The casualty may have a headache

The casualty has difficulty seeing

- Make the person comfortable and have them lie down if possible.

- Call the emergency services AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

The faster they receive treatment, the less likely they are to suffer serious consequences, including death.

Make a note of the time the first signs of the stroke appeared, as this will be important for subsequent treatment.

-Make sure the casualty does not make any physical effort or eat or drink, as stroke victims may have trouble swallowing.

- Keep a check on their state of consciousness and breathing until medical help arrives.

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