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First Aid: Serious Burn

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First Aid

Serious burn

In this video, you will learn to administer first aid for a serious burn.

First Aid Techniques

1 - Remove the heat source

- If possible, remove the heat source.

- Stop the casualty from running or flailing!

Tell them to roll on the ground and smother the flames with a garment or blanket.

2- Alert the emergency services

- Alert the emergency services and follow their instructions about applying water to the burned area

3- Pour water on the burn

-Hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water.

Try to remove clothing in contact with the burn, but do not persist or pull too hard if the fabric is stuck to the skin.

4- Have the casualty lie down

- Have the casualty lie down unless the burned area is on their back.

Never burst a blister; as once the skin is broken, microbes can get in and cause an infection.

5 – Tetanus Vaccine?

- Make sure that the victim’s tetanus shots are up to date. If in any doubt, seek advice from their doctor.

A burn is considered “serious” when: it covers an area larger than half the palm of the person’s hand; it is deep; when it is located in a critical area such as: the face, the hands, around any of the body’s orifices, or the joints; or when it has been caused by chemicals or electricity.


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