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First Aid: Minor Wound

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First Aid:

Minor wound

In this video, you will learn how to treat a minor wound.

First Aid techniques:

1 – Wash your hands

- Wash your hands before treating the wound.

2 – Clean the wound

- Rinse the wound with clean water and soap, if possible.

If there is still dirt in the wound, use a sterile gauze pad to remove it.

3 - Sterilise

- If possible, disinfect the wound with an antiseptic.

4 Adhesive dressing

- Make an adhesive dressing to cover the wound using sterile gauze pads and adhesive tape or apply a ready-to-use self-adhesive dressing.

5 Tetanus Vaccine?

- Make sure that your tetanus shots are up to date. If in any doubt, seek advice from your doctor.

6 - Monitor

- Watch out for any signs of infection in the following days; if you notice any redness, heat or pain, consult your doctor.

A minor wound is a superficial cut or scrape with no profuse bleeding and which is not located near a body orifice or the eyes.


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