First Aid: Drowning

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In this video you will learn to administer first aid to a drowning casualty

Get the casualty out of the water without putting yourself in danger!

Depending on the state of the casualty, there are two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: The casualty is conscious

Place the casualty in a comfortable position

Cover the casualty and give them some dry clothes

Alert the emergency services since the victim will have to be examined in all cases!

Scenario 2: The victim is unconscious and unresponsive

Lay the casualty on their back

Tilt the head upwards to clear the airways and analyse their breathing

Try to hear or feel their breath on your cheek, or look for any movement of their chest or stomach as a sign that they are breathing

Alert the emergency services

Act according the casalty's state

This means, if the casualty is breathing, place them on their side in the recovery position

Cover and monitor them until the emergency services arrive

If they are not breathing, ask for someone to go and find a defibrillator

While waiting, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation alternating 30 chest compressions with 2 rescue breaths

If you do not know how to give mouth-to-mouth, only perform chest compressions at a rate of 2 per second

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