First Aid: Diabetic Dizzy Spells

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In this video you will learn how to administer first aid to someone with diabetes suffering a dizzy spell

Diabetes is a disease in which the body is not able to properly regulate blood sugar levels

when there is too much blood sugar present, or, not enough, the victim may experience dizzy spells

When confronted by a diabetic person suffering a dizzy spell, always ask first to make sure that the victim is diabetic

If the victim can no longer treat themselves without assistance, two scenarios can play out:

Scenario 1: The victim is sufficiently conscious and lucid so as to eat or drink.

In this instance, help the victim sit down

give them some sugar - such as food or a sugary drink

Indeed, if you are not certain that the dizzy spell is related to either a lack of, or an excess of sugar, assume that it is a lack of sugar since in this case, the victim's life is at stake

Once the dizzy spell has passed, let the victim rest and seek medical assistance

Scenario 2: The victim has lost consciousness or is confused

In this situation you will not be able to give the victim any sugar

Place the victim in the recovery position

and call the emergency services immediately

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