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First Aid: Spinal Column Injuries

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First Aid:

Spinal Column Injuries

In this video, You are going to learn how to treat someone who has suffered an injury to the spinal column or head

If you think that someone might be injured in this way:

First Aid:

1 - Do not move them

Never move the victim.

If they are wearing a helmet, leave it on. Tell them not to move at all, especially not their head.

This could damage the spinal bone marrow and cause paralysis.

2 - Reassure

Reassure the victim

3 - Call the Emergency Services

Call the emergency services

Monitor the victim until they arrive

Injury to the spinal column or head

The casualty might have a head or spinal injury if: - They are older than 65 years old - It was a road traffic incident - The victim complains of tingling in their extremities or head, neck or back pain - The fall was larger than the height of the victim - The victim has lost feeling or their muscles have become weak in their chest or upper limbs - The victim has lost consciousness


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