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First aid: electrocution

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First Aid


In this video, you will learn to administer first aid to a person who has been electrocuted

Before touching the victim, always turn off the source of the current - either by pulling the plug out, or by turning power off by a switch or circuit breaker

There are three possible scenarios to consider depending on the condition of the victim

SCENARIO 1: victim is conscious

SCENARIO 1: the victim is conscious

Check their skin for any signs of burns at the entry and exit points of the electrical current.

1 - Pour water over burns

Wet any burns under running water for at least 5 minutes or until the pain has subsided.

2 - Alert the emergency services

Call the emergency services in all cases, as the electrical current may have caused internal injuries

Scenario 2: victim is unconscious but breathing normally

Scenario 2: the victim has lost consciousness but is breathing normally

1 - recovery position

Put them in the recovery position

2 - alert the emergency services

alert the emergency services

3- Cold compress

Apply cold compresses to the burns until medical help arrives

Scenario 3: victim is unconscious and not breathing

The victim has lost consciousness and is not breathing:

1 - alert the emergency services

alert the emergency services

2 - CPR

Start cardiopulmonary resuscitation


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