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First aid: recovery position

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First Aid:

Recovery Position

In this video, you will learn how to put an unconscious person who is breathing normally in the recovery position

Lay the casualty on their back and ensure that their legs are together, in line with the rest of the body

Kneel down on one side of the person

Place their arm that is nearest to you at a right angle to their body, ensuring that their hand is pointing upwards towards their head.

Take their other arm and place the back of their hand against their ear which is nearest to you

Hold this position, keep the palm of your hand pressed against theirs

Take hold of their leg which is furthest from you from the back of the knee. Lift it so that it bends at the knee joint, but make sure that their foot remains on the floor

With their leg bent, roll the victim over towards you to place them onto their side, so that their knee touches the floor

Remove your other hand from theirs making sure that their head does not move from this position

Make a right angle with the leg you have just used to roll them over

Open their mouth, making sure not to move their head too much

Cover and monitor them, paying close attention to their breathing, until the emergency services arrive

If the casualty is lying on their stomach and breathing normally, you could also leave them in this position remembering to simply turn their head to face one side.


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