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In this video you are going to learn how to administer first aid to a person that has just been stung by a jellyfish

Help the victim out of the water taking care that you are not stung yourself

In areas where highly venomous jellyfish are common, call the emergency services immediately

Discourage the victim from scratching to avoid worsening the itching sensation

Rinse the wound with vinegar to reduce venom poisoning

If you do not have any vinegar available, cover the sting wound with wet sand, leave it to dry then gently scratch the stinging cells or tentacles away with the aid of a card or magazine

Once the stinging cells have been scraped away, immerse the affected area in hot water until the pain subsides

If you do not have any hot water available use a dry heat or, failing that, a cold compress

Pressure bandages are not recommended as they could cause further venom to be released

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