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First Aid: Convulsive Seizure

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First Aid:

Convulsive Seizure

In this video, you will learn to administer first aid to a person suffering a seizure.

During the seizure:

During the seizure:

1 - Do not move the victim

Do not try to move them, unless they are in danger.

2 - Clear the area

Remove any objects around them which may cause harm

3 - Protect the head

Do not restrain their movements, but protect them from injury by cushioning them.

Do not put anything in their mouth; they will not swallow their tongue!

After the seizure:

After the seizure, if the patient is unconscious:

1 Monitor breathing

Tilt their head back to ensure that their airways are clear and check their breathing.

2 Recovery Position

Place them on their side in the recovery position.

Make sure they are breathing properly

Stay with them until they have fully regained consciousness.

This could take several minutes.

3 Call emergency services.

Call the emergency services

And tell them if:

The seizure has lasted more than 5 minutes or there have been more than one.

The patient is a child.

The patient has not regained consciousness.

The patient has never had a seizure before.


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