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First Aid: Broken Arm

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First Aid:

Broken Arm

In this video, you will learn to administer first aid to a person who has just broken their arm.

Tell the person not to move their arm and to support it without bending or extending it

First aid techniques:

1 Do not move the broken limb

Use the victim’s upper garment, such as a t-shirt or sweater, to hold the limb securely in one place. This will help to prevent the fracture from worsening

You can also secure the limb in place with the aid of a scarf.

2 – Alert the emergency services

Call the emergency services or a doctor, especially if it is an open fracture, and follow their indications

3 – Remove jewellery

If the victim is wearing any jewellery in contact with the affected limb, carefully remove it

4 – Nothing to drink

5 – Nothing to eat

Do not give the victim anything to eat or drink


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