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First Aid: Abdominal Wound

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First Aid:

Abdominal wound

In this video, you will learn to administer first aid for an abdominal wound.

An abdominal wound should always be considered serious.

First Aid techniques:

1 – Call the emergency services

- Call the emergency services immediately.

2 – Lay the casualty on their back

- Place the casualty in a comfortable position, preferably on their back with their knees flexed to relax the abdominal muscles and ease the pain.

3 – Cover the wound

- Cover the wound with a clean dressing or cloth.

The best option is to place sterile gauze pads over the wound, taping three sides only and leaving the fourth open.

4 – Cover the victim

Cover the casualty to prevent them from going into shock.

If there is a foreign object in the wound, do not try to remove it.

If the wound is bleeding profusely, apply pressure on the dressing to stem the flow.

If the wound is open and the intestines are protruding, cover them with moist sterile dressings. Do not attempt to push them back in.


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