First Aid: Bleeding

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First Aid:


In this video, you will learn how to administer first aid to a person who is bleeding.

First Aid Techniques

1 - Apply pressure

Immediately apply direct pressure to the wound with clean gloves, using a plastic bag or a cloth in order to prevent any infection

2 - Lay the casualty on their back

Lay the casualty on their back in order to prevent them from going into shock.

If there is a foreign object in the wound, do not try to remove it because it could exacerbate the bleeding!

3 - Alert the emergency services

If you have to leave the casualty to call the emergency services, ask the casualty to apply pressure themselves.

If they are unable to do so: apply a pressure dressing with cloth and a wide tie then call the emergency services.

4 - Cover the casualty

Cover the casualty and monitor them until medical help arrives.

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