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First aid; road accidents

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First Aid:

Road Accidents

In this video, you will learn how to secure the scene of a road accident and protect the people involved.

If you come across a road accident:

First Aid Techniques:

1- Hazard Lights

Switch on your hazard lights and park your vehicle beyond the accident site if possible.

2- Safety Vest

Put on your safety vest with reflective strips before getting out of your vehicle. If you do not have one and it is dark, put on something white.

3- Turn off the ignition

Turn off the vehicle’s ignition

4- Move passengers to safety

Get the passengers out of the vehicle and move them to a safe place on the side of the road, behind the crash barrier, if there is one.

Adjust your actions according to the state of the victims.

You should not move anyone who is seriously injured and unable to walk on their own UNLESS their life is in danger

5- Secure the area

Set up warning triangles about 150 metres either side of the accident site.

6- Alert the emergency services

Alert the emergency services. If you are on the motorway, use the nearest emergency roadside telephone.

7- Do not smoke

Make sure that nobody smokes in the vicinity of the accident site.

8- Have fire extinguishers ready

If you have car fire extinguishers, get them out and use them only if a fire starts.


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